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Binging with Babish: Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad

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This week, we're faced with a very particular challenge, the likes of which I never thought I'd have to face: batter-fried chicken. It sounds innocuous enough, but a cursory glimpse at any given recipe eschews batter in favor of a sturdier, more reliable flour-and-egg dredge. Thanks to our new kitchen producer (Kendall Beach), we concocted a formula for batter that wouldn't bulk up, wouldn't brown too quickly, and wouldn't crack in the unforgiving oil. The results are annoyingly difficult but undeniably fantastic fried chicken, made in (what I imagine is) the Pollos Hermanos style!
Recipe: https://www.bingingwithbabish.com/recipes/pollos-hermanos-breaking-bad
Music: “unna” / "XXV" by Broke for Free
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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I never even saw them, but I always wanted to try the hot dogs from the spot where all the biker gangs and meth dealers would hang out

by Binging with Babish 4 days ago

This recipe isn’t perfect, but it’s 99.1% pure.

Edit: this is one of my favorite recipes. Had it in Albuquerque years ago, but couldn’t remember the name. Luckily this video helped ring a bell.

by Evan Hamaoka 3 days ago

Andrew every time he grinds spices: "don't breathe this, it hurts."

Andrew the very next time he grinds something: "I'm gonna breathe the crap out of this stuff."

by Chad Taylor 2 days ago

If i ever become rich i will hire you as my personal chef

by LittleKingRyan 3 days ago

Fun fact: Babish is bald,wears glasses and has a beard like Heisenberg.

by Regum Koyu 1 day ago

Next video: "Homemade Crystal Meth from Breaking Bad, but better"

by Marl Kalone 3 days ago

"Spiralizer" sounds like a horrifying torture tool.

by Animaster 2 days ago

'The seasoning is so...flavourful'
- Lalo Salamanca

by Michael Stone 2 days ago

"Red pepper smoke, don't breathe this." He's not kidding. I inhaled that stuff before...That was a bad day.

by Cooking Hot 2 days ago

"Don't breathe this" is an underutilized reference in my opinion. Thank you for using it Babs!

by Bryson Duce 3 days ago

Next episode: Walt Jr's breakfast

by Sir_Ruru 3 days ago

Do “The Fourth Flavor” of ice cream from Codename: Kids Next Door

by Pyxl Perfect 1 day ago

Imagine someone who never watched Breaking Bad watching this and hearing the blue meth line

by Wisam Safi 23 hours ago

In 2012, I actually ate at the restaurant that was rebranded as “Los Pollos Hermanos” for Breaking Bad. The restaurants real name was “twisters” and is about 8 minutes from the Albuquerque HardRock Casino. They didn’t serve fried chicken though, but they did still have the Los Pollos Hermanos painted Logo on the walls inside. The place was a burger diner with a southwestern “twist”. I was stationed at Kirkland AFB in ABQ at the time and I wonder if it’s still open. If so, they really, really should start serving spicy fried chicken.

by William Brinkley 1 day ago

When I hear “Bangers with Babish” I think of a type of British sausage.

by Mark Barrett 1 day ago

That is some sexy chicken

by CHEFPK 3 days ago

"Mother Arby's" is officially the restaurant's new name in my book.

by Jeremy Strauss 2 days ago

Can you confirm...

Is this the Los Pollos Hermanos Promise?

by Medic Burdy 1 day ago

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