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Adriana's reaction vs Chilly's reaction

BMZ Gaming photo 1 Adriana's reaction vs Chilly's reaction BMZ Gaming photo 2 Adriana's reaction vs Chilly's reaction BMZ Gaming photo 3 Adriana's reaction vs Chilly's reaction BMZ Gaming photo 4 Adriana's reaction vs Chilly's reaction

Chilly: fakes cries

Adrianna: goes wild

by Pingaable 9 months ago

Adriana: Heart attack
Chilly: wow only 1

by OofingTurtles 5 months ago

Chilly: I’m crying like a baby
Doesn’t even cry one tear

by Savage Gaming 6 months ago

Can somebody just notice the fact that chilly didnt even say "thank you" or "I love you logan" 😔😔

by Mr Tubbs 6 months ago

Adriana “my angel, my love, my, everything😍😍😍😍😍”
Chilly “omg thanks🙂😐”

by E mmanuel 8 months ago

andrana: wtf no way
chilly: this is why I cheated on you

by mister-zyeer Clay 6 months ago

Adriana: logan my angel my baby my everything.
Chilly: snatches the keys
Also chilly: can i start it

by Angie Solano 6 months ago

Adriana: screaming intensifies

Chilly: " *whispers* can I drive it?"

by LoafDevision 6 months ago

ewhos here after adriana got arrested for battery

by Gabe 1 month ago


Chilly: “Can I start it?”

by Devz 9 months ago

chilly: cAn I sTaRt It
adriana: literally dies of happiness

by Nugget 6 months ago

I love how Adriana is in a hoodie and pants whilst chilly in a full fledge fn dress outfit WITH a bag which is a ton of 🤑

by Camo Cam 6 months ago

Chilly: “I’m crying like a baby.” ‘Fakes cry’

Adriana: ‘Starts grinding Logan’

by coolmax97199 6 months ago

Chilly: half smiles

Adriana: almost has a stroke of happiness

by Taylor Hayles 7 months ago

You guys are turning Chilly’s actions into a whole new person. Before Adriana, you guys would’ve been happy for Chilly. Yes, she cheated, but in pretty sure Adriana soon got arrested for something she did to Logan, battery and assault

by GoldenUnlimited 4 weeks ago

Chilly was like ok I’m just ok with it while Adriana is like OMG YOU DIDNT HAVE TO DO THIS ARE YOU PRANKING ME 😮😭

by Hvpon 4 months ago

Adriana was so fricken happy and shook and was scared and omg
Then chilly, chilly was looking around like nah could of got something better

by Independent breanna 6 months ago

when my dad comes in with the belt

by Twav Twav 1 month ago

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