10 months ago
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BuckArmy photo 1 NO WAY!!! 2 PREMIER LEAGUE... BuckArmy photo 2 NO WAY!!! 2 PREMIER LEAGUE... BuckArmy photo 3 NO WAY!!! 2 PREMIER LEAGUE... BuckArmy photo 4 NO WAY!!! 2 PREMIER LEAGUE...

Hope you guys enjoy the video! This might be my best pack opening yet!

by BuckArmy 9 months ago

congrats bro, you deserve it! keep up the grind

by Willbo Fifa 9 months ago

I was so lucky yesterday with marquee matchups i packed two coutihnos anf prime alan shearer

by jack mh 9 months ago

Holy smokes all the luck of the year came on one night 😂💯

by Ben Romaniello 9 months ago

When i open this packs i never get a walkout lol

by nkx Xx 9 months ago

Haven't even seen it and I know it's gonna be lit 🔥🔥

by the coolman 9 months ago

Gg sorry I missed the streams had to play my champs early on!!

by Harris Rehman 9 months ago

Never seen an intro so hyped! Let's goooo Buck

by Chelo ,Chelo 9 months ago

Another banger vid Bro!! I'm glad you pulled so well for Paddeinho one of the most deserving guys to get these players!!!

by myt_mouse 9 months ago

Hahaha German it's rues that's class mate ....gets me every time bro love it 👍👍👍

by PSG eSPORT GAMING 9 months ago

Was mental to see on stream. Happy I stayed up to watch it.

by Kyle Lewis 9 months ago

Incredible scenes buck, love how stoked u were for your mate! I fluked alisson from a 15k pack but nothing from good packs.

by Oz Fox 9 months ago

Enjoy your Twitch stream and YouTube videos. Was there to witness the epic pack opening live. Keep up the great work Buck.

by NICK 9 months ago

That first pack reminds me of something? German, CAM, oh Reus thats class! 😅

by Trilogy Daqz 9 months ago

I made your stream yesterday (first time) and it was sick. Keep up the YouTube content and Twitch streams.

by Vensore 9 months ago

I am the 1000th like....great work buck...hope to see more of this luck on rtg

by Divgian Sidhu 9 months ago

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