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Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

dojacatVEVO photo 1 Doja Cat - Like That... dojacatVEVO photo 2 Doja Cat - Like That... dojacatVEVO photo 3 Doja Cat - Like That... dojacatVEVO photo 4 Doja Cat - Like That...

doja is the whole package: singer, dancer, director, a cat, a cow & a reptilian

by Bille 1 month ago

She Dona Murdered somebody she wouldn’t get caught,Because she looks different in everything.

by Aria Natty 1 day ago

Is no one gonna talk about she’s wearing the same pants that James Charles wore to Coachella

by Alice Gibson 2 days ago

So we not going to talk about how doja animated self is inspired by sailor moon? Just me?

by DayDreamingNova 3 days ago

im not but this song make feel like i'm the most sexiest woman in the world

by who x 6 days ago

Why is no one talking abt how doja is thicker than the anime version of herself

by A person 1 month ago

doja is the whole package: singer, dancer, director, a cat, a cow & a reptilian XD


Doja looking like a snack. Speaking of snacks, look up “lucky charms breakfast bar is trying to destroy me”

by william parker 13 hours ago

Doja cat be like: what is bad song? Never heard of that

by Sabine lefevre 1 week ago

Everybody know deep down Doja Cat is fire

by OFFICER FLOPZ 1 week ago

Gucci should have had his asscheeks out too. Keep that same energy. Lol

by Ashleychanelol 1 month ago

This song is a month old? Really? why does it feel like I’ve heard it a year ago.

by Caxch Tx 5 days ago

“She’s doing ushers move!!!” Uh no she’s doing Michael Jackson’s move he did it first. Basically a Circular moonwalk just look up his Billie Jean performances in the 90s he would do it. Also the in place moonwalk move, it’s not a coincidence that this takes place in space and was released around Michael’s death anniversary

by queenandthebeatles1 1 day ago

So we aint gonna talk about how she wore what James Charles wore to coahella and she collabbed with him..ok thats fine.

by Aisley Smith 1 day ago

Who’s here after James Charles doing her makeup?

by Tommo Ash 1 day ago

She did a whole circle glide. We just gonna not talk about it......

by Blue Paladin 2 days ago

So, no one is gonna talk about how she was gliding in place and in a circle at seconds...she slayed that sh!!!

by Quashona Hardesty 6 days ago

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