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Doja Cat - The Tale of Becoming Doja Cat | Vevo LIFT

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Doja Cat - The Tale of Becoming Doja Cat (Vevo LIFT)
Welcome to the world of Doja Cat. Born and raised in L.A., the 24-year-old self-taught singer-rapper is a vet of sorts. The arts were central to her upbringing, and she started sharing her music on Soundcloud back in 2013. A year later she dropped her much-buzzed-about ‘Purrr!’ EP. Ever since, she’s nurtured an ever-growing array of feverish fans who revere her for combining a radiant charisma with unique flow and tongue-in-cheek lyrics (see: the irresistible“MOOO!”). Seems like Doja has designed her version of alt-R&B to take off in any direction she chooses. Tours with Lizzo and Theophilius London led right into 2018’s impressive ‘Amala,’ her debut proper, followed by last year’s ‘Hot Pink.’ That album’s “Say So” is currently clocking big numbers. Arresting visuals help. Her videos for both her radio juggernaut and "Rules" are wildly fun. When the Vevo production team united with the feline phenom to figure out performance ideas, the creative juices were flowing. The goal? Put the “cat” in Doja Cat - a decision that resulted in what’s probably our most ambitious studio build to date for a LIFT performance. For her “Streets” performance, she splashes around; for "Say So" she paws her way through a two-story cat tower. For her 'Becoming' interview she explains the genesis of her character and her sound. Learn all about 2020's hottest star..
Watch music videos by Doja Cat: http://bit.ly/3azELOl
Doja Cat
Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Priya Minhas
Producer: Sacha Noelle
Producer: Maddy Schmidt
Producer: Ben Fuqua
Producer: Hayley Sliger
Production Company: Contrast Films
Director of Photography: David Okolo
Editor: Austin Prahl
Design & VFX: Sydney Emery
Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro & Jordan Ferree
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She’s not lying when she says she used to be on Instagram Live EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’ve followed her for a long time at this point. She would start an Instagram live at like afternoon and wouldn’t be off until 3AM her time. She responded to her fans and took in a lot of feedback too, almost every track you see on her SoundCloud was previewed or made during IG live first. It was really cute, the bond between Doja and her fans.

by lunelic 6 days ago

i love doja. she’s not like any other artist AT ALL. i was here before moo, when she was dropping little songs on sound cloud and stuff and LOVED THEM. i hate the fact that she has these haters now and these people who won’t do they research when it’s been debunked. doja deserves way more than what she has. on top of that shes gorgeous .. •edit• thanks for the likes (:

by Jasmine Flowers 6 days ago

She's not the next Cardi B or Minaj, she's the one and only Doja Cat 💕

by Maria 6 days ago

This is proof that not every celebrity is a stuck up person with no personality shown what so ever. She has a good heart and a great composing ability.

by ミルク milk. ROBLOX 6 days ago

well... she gave y'all what she promised on twitter 💀

by Fast Web 6 days ago

the visuals are so aesthetically pleasing✨

by ezily 6 days ago

Doja's body is the most natural one I've seen in a while....cellulite, hip dips the whole shabang

by Twinkle Nova 6 days ago

When she said "theres something mysterious about the concept of like a crazy cat lady" I felt that 😌

by Kassy Rodriguez 6 days ago

I can confirm that the original fans weren't expecting Doja to blow from Moo!. To us it was just another one of her fun songs. But life is full of surprises.

by CHRISTI XX 6 days ago

This was wayyyyy too short, we need a longer one😫

by Shadell Baynes 6 days ago

I love how Doja is an organic artist, she started with a meme and then people couldn’t stop talking about her and then she used that wave to ride it to where she is now. She’s articulate and creative and I see big things for her.

by OG Bolt 6 days ago

she’s so beautiful. i cant believe people try to cancel her over lies. i love her so much she’s here to stay.

by c c 6 days ago

" whatever box people are gonna put me in , I'm gonna break out from that" wow iconic
- doja cat 2020

by balvinder singh 6 days ago

Y’all been sleeping on Doja. Been my “go to” high vibes since No Police.

by Daniel Peon 6 days ago

"I combine music, and comedy, but I won't make it unlistenable."

by • b ę ĺ ł ă • 5 days ago

Glad she’s no longer “the cow girl”, she has established her own name in the music industry delivering constantly good music, hard work is paying off!!

by Bille 6 days ago

The more y’all hate Doja, the more I love her😍🤷🏾‍♀️

by samara. 6 days ago


how talented she is.

by PoundCake 6 days ago

Man, doja cat doesn't deserve the hate she gets. She's truly inspiring

by #luludica Crystal 6 days ago

here go the comments about her being racist when she isn’t but ok

by Madisyn Jones 5 days ago

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