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Find Out Which 'Stranger Things' Cast Member Has The Best Laugh | Entertainment Weekly

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The cast of Netflix's 'Stranger Things' give each other yearbook superlatives.
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Find Out Which 'Stranger Things' Cast Member Has The Best Laugh | Entertainment Weekly

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by nard Dog 1 years ago

i love how noah and millie are always getting into so much trouble together omg

by meredith 1 years ago

Dacre was so different from billy. He's so calm and soft spoken. The way he talks about people is so sweet. Watching him in interviews make my heart ache for his character more. Also, why he gotta be alone every interviews 😭

by Jazz 1 years ago

No one:
Literally no single soul:
Finn: Noahie

by mary lockwood 1 years ago

No one:
Not even the upside down:
The cast: NOAH

by Emma Rose 1 years ago

I love that Noah and Millie are biggest pranksters
Their friendship melts my heart

by mary lockwood 1 years ago

Dacre should have sat w/ Sadie and Caleb 😭

*Edit* omg thanks for all the likes I have never got this many😭♥️

by Bianca Lopez 1 years ago

lol Noah really is accident-prone. I was just watching a compilation video of him getting stuck in things. XD

by Banana Split Lady 1 years ago

I think it's ironic that Billy hates Max in ST2 but Dacre says Sadie is the best shoulder to cry on😁😋💖

I just love the whole cast so much

Edit: I realize that Billy doesn't hate max after s3 at the time I wrote this comment I hadn't seen it yet, but now I know that Billy was only mean bc of his father and said sorry to max. I ended up really liking Billy in the end.
Also wow I've never gotten this many likes💖😮thx

by Amelia Velaski 1 years ago

I love millie so much. She’s so sweet yet she’s not afraid to speak her mind, I admire that so much

by kinder Chocolate 1 years ago

Why is Dacre always sitting alone. I feel bad because he doesn't have someone to joke around with...☹☹

by Linnea Jonsson 1 years ago

Why is Dacre always sitting by himself in these damn interviews

by cheshire pussy 1 years ago

"Best shoulder to cry on"
Dacre: Sadie
We love a true siblings😂

by kimminidle 1 years ago

I want him to play miles Morales so badly.

by ruby oise 1 years ago

“Who’s most likely to dance in a Beyoncé video”
Everyone taking it seriously: Millie
Finn: David Harbour 👁👄👁

Edit: also I hate how Dacre sits alone all the time 😭

by Hannah Elizabeth M 1 years ago

Seems like Sadie has a lot of fans amongst the stranger things group. Seems like people really like and respect her...

by Abhilasha Mishra 1 years ago

Millie : I don't like Beyoncé

* Most likely to dance in a Beyoncé music video *

Millie : Millie Bobby Brown

by Ruddya 971 1 years ago

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