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Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For 24 Hours - Challenge

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Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For 24 Hours - Challenge with FaZe Temperrr FaZe Teeqo FaZe Jarvis FaZe Kay Cizzorz FaZe Nikan and TeaWap.
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FaZe Clan photo 1 Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For... FaZe Clan photo 2 Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For... FaZe Clan photo 3 Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For... FaZe Clan photo 4 Instagram Controls FaZe Clan For...

Does Banks just lock himself in his room all day 😂😂

by I AM DE WAN 1 month ago

Rain: does drugs
Faze House: kicks him out
Banks: does pills
Faze House: ima pretend I didn’t see that

by cactus053 1 month ago

The fact that they are playing fortnite on jarvis's setup means he has fortnite installed

by Chris Squid 1 month ago

No wonder everyone picked cizzorz he tortured all of us with his deathruns

by Shaun O'Connell 1 month ago

Why tf would y’all kick rain out of faze for drugs we just gonna act like banks didn’t do dugs like tf

by Qurno 1 month ago

I changed the comment so the replies dont make sense

by Marky 1 month ago

Kicking Nord was upsetting.. Yall should have figured things out there always is a way, even if the person shutdowns everything. You don't give up on friends...

by Vxzion Music 1 month ago

Alternative title: Instagram bullying Cizzorz for 24 hours

by Team Atlas 2 weeks ago

“Don’t lie who’s been a FaZe Clan fan before July?”

“I don’t know anything”

by Splash Float 1 month ago

Title should be: "bullying Cizzorz for entire day"

by Fićo Grbeš 1 month ago

“stick it in Frazier” That’s what she said 😂

by King kreem 3 weeks ago

Hey guys I’ve been watching all the most of the faze clan members for a while since the og faze house and I really want you guys to reach out to rain I know he’s done some bad stuff but please reach out and help him because I just miss seeing the old him. So please if you guys read this please listen to me and help him out I don’t wanna wake up one day seeing that something happened to nordan. Love all of you guys god bless🔥💙 Faze up

by TA Rarity 1 month ago

I don't know why but whenever I see that Jarvis' crying pic, it makes me laugh so hard.

by WirelessPluto 1 month ago

Are we not gonna talk about how Jarvis is wearing an Elsa outift

by Jaswinder Marwaha 1 month ago

Cizzorz: “bully me for 24 hours”

Faze fans: “this is for the death runs”


by RnG-Ghost -IV 1 month ago

Ciizorz was right when he said “this video is just faze clan torturing cizzorz”

by Astro 2 weeks ago


by Sheriff BB 1 month ago

Nikan: This one is literally called the ass blaster



by oOmPaLoMpA 1 month ago

Jarvis: It's actually bearable
*skips to him throwing milk at his face

by Mythical Redz 1 month ago

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