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Behind the Scenes of Girlfriend Reviews: The Million Subscriber Special

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YOU GUYS WE DID IT. One Million freaking Subscribers. In celebration we are going behind the scenes and taking you on a house tour of our $75,000,000 Los Angeles mansion.
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Girlfriend Reviews photo 1 Behind the Scenes of Girlfriend... Girlfriend Reviews photo 2 Behind the Scenes of Girlfriend... Girlfriend Reviews photo 3 Behind the Scenes of Girlfriend... Girlfriend Reviews photo 4 Behind the Scenes of Girlfriend...

I really admire how Matt doesn't gloss over the fact that Shelby sacrificed and supported them while he worked on the channel. Also, Shelby boasting about Matt's editing skills and work ethic. This is what a relationship is always supposed to be, two people supporting one another, appreciating what the other brings to the table, and working together. I know this is supposed to be a gaming channel, but I really appreciate your relationship and teamwork behind the scenes that goes into the channel. It's definitely why this channel and content is so good.

by slickspidey 1 weeks ago

I’m a singer too and I literally performed “Hurt” by Christina so many times when I was little. This clip of you singing it as well gave me so many memories 😢

by Madeline B 3 days ago

Clicking on a “should your boyfriend play red dead 2” video was the best decision I made in 2019

by Teddy 5 days ago

Matt: takes a lot of time for amazing edits
Shelby: “we have a green screen and can do stuff like this” Matt: adds nothing..  

Congrats to 1 mil guys :) here since the beginning.

by Manu 6 days ago

"So what's the best thing in your life since you've got famous?"

"Our dogs have a backyard"

Yes, this is everything I wanna hear. Congrats to you both !

by Le Toothpick 4 days ago

"We're not rich YouTubers"
*shows BOTH Cheez-Its AND Cap'n Crunch

by Robin 1 weeks ago

“Our good friends the wasp.”

Me:....... laughs in flamethrower

by VeloBlynk 4 days ago

I wasn’t expecting the “backyard for our dogs” thing, that literally made me cry

by Ivanmss 6 days ago

When Matt said that all they ever dreamed for was a small backyard for their dogs I saw Shelby and shed a tear, ngl.
Been watching your channel since last year, still loving the content💕💕

by Francys Corvera García 6 days ago

"Don´t thank us; invite us to the Wedding"

- Kratos

by cesar 3 days ago

“But if we did, we could do all sorts of cool things, like this..” editor doesn’t do anything with the green screen

by trewald 1 weeks ago

Shelby’s voice is so soothing and beautiful.

by Ely WRLD 9 9 9 5 days ago

I’ve always wondered how tf the editing was so amazing since the first vid. Dude... whoever called his editing useless is now eating their own poo cuz they just lost an amazing editor

by CheshireMar 6 days ago

No one:
Not a single soul:
Shelby: *uses her hand as a cup*

by AFanOf Fiction 6 days ago

Most exciting part of the house tour: when they revealed they owned an Animorphs book!

by S J 3 days ago

Matt is so good at editing that even when he didn’t edit anything behind Shelby on the green screen it was pure gold! lol

by Aldo Beltran 1 weeks ago

There should be a sticker that says "this isnt even my final Mcgufin"

by Shauka Hodan 2 days ago

Why do they make us feel so important after giving us years of free content

Thank you girlfriend reviews

Edit: I don't know why some people dislike a video about two whole youtubers thanking their community

by isunuoya izata 5 days ago

Shelby's adorable, hilarious and even a good singer, put a ring on her Matt!

by luke williams 4 days ago

Where’s the “holupaminute” shirt? In 3x, please.

by Jeff Forbess 6 days ago

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