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BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED and We Go Over and Confront Bryce Hall About It, We Go To The Studio to Record a Banger, Then Back To The Sway House Where We Turn The Boy's into Frat Boys! Make Sure To Like and Comment Down Below, Subscribe so we can hit 1 Million Subscribers before August 14th which is Bryce's Birthday, I Also Lost My Allowance from Dixie, being serious though I Love Every Single One!!!
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Griffin Johnson photo 1 BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED Griffin Johnson photo 2 BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED Griffin Johnson photo 3 BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED Griffin Johnson photo 4 BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED

Bryce didn’t deny that Addison was his girlfriend. So it’s confirmed

by DaReal Goalie 1 weeks ago

POV’ your reading the comments and all they are is “who is here after he cheated on Dixie”

by Ava Gross 6 days ago

After he cheated on Dixie, I can’t think on him as the same person anymore...

by Pineapple Pants 3 days ago

Who’s here because Griffin cheated on Dixie

by Nelly Nieves 6 days ago

If it’s not clickbait ill- no I’ll actually be surprised I’m done with this

Edit: we were fooled, see this, this right here is why I have trust issues

by Starlight Animations 1 weeks ago

Y do u take things as a joke Dixie deserves better u got exposed and said “who wants popcorn” on insta idk how u go on YouTube so comfortably I hope u can post that girl u were cheating with on YouTube too

by Fatal Xtro 4 days ago

99% won't see this but,

Those who are reading this, you may become successful in future.

by 1 sub before September 5 days ago

I lowkey don’t get “dixie cut off my allowance” does Dixie give griffin money for dating her..?

by Beth Garcia 1 days ago

Dude, why’d you do that to Dixie... like cmon, she’s a QUEEN. Literal QUEEN.

by bilij pdan 4 days ago

Dude, why’d you do that to Dixie... like cmon, she’s a QUEEN. Literal QUEEN.

by E Han 6 days ago

LMAO Dixie built your career and you did her like that you tweeted “who wants popcorn” and now your like mental health is serious boi your full of soft cardboard

by jeslyn ikoli 2 days ago

Who’s here after Dixie unfollowed griff because of cheating rumors?!?

by Abigail Dickens 6 days ago

When we all thought griffin was a great boyfriend to Dixie....... he wasn’t. He CHEATED on her and Dixie honestly doesn’t deserve this. But also like I HAVE BEEN WAITING 3 WEEKS 4 DAYS AND 7 HOURS FOR BRADDISON TO BE CONFIRMED 😆

by Tea Peas 6 days ago

no one is going to talk about the fact that Blake actually finished shotgunning before Bryce? If you slow it down he actually finished at 02,02 seconds

by Tough love 2 days ago

Omgg can he like not act like he DIDN'T JUST CHEAT ON DIXIE?!?!?!

by Roblox Girlie 6 days ago

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