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If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge

jacknjellify photo 1 If Among Us Was a... jacknjellify photo 2 If Among Us Was a... jacknjellify photo 3 If Among Us Was a... jacknjellify photo 4 If Among Us Was a...

everyone: “ships should not exist.”

me: “eyeball fluid viscosity”

by demicore 1 hour ago

“Ships should not exist”

Me who is a shipper:

silently rips up flower x ruby fan art

by •The Quiet Kid• 1 hour ago

Eraser:ships should not exist

Everyone:*dislikes that*

by Cathleen Cassidy 6 hours ago

I didn’t need nightmares but ok

Jk this is so cool! Can’t wait to see AnimationEpic’s version!! I’m gonna go see that right now :D

by AnimationObjectShow 10 hours ago

Earser: Ships does not exist.
* The Skeld has left the game *

by Mary Esabilue 7 hours ago

Everyone: "Ships should not exist"

Me, an intellectual one: 8'4"

by Bubble Gaming 5 hours ago

Eraser : "Ships should not exist"

Everybody Was not the Imposter
X Was An Imposter
Tennis Ball was An Imposter

by Kenzie Nathaniel 1 hour ago

“But why are you wearing a hide unethically scraped off the body of an innocent teletubby” I’ll never see it the same again

by Kaashi. 11 hours ago

I love how everyone is talking about the ships part
But why is nobody talking about the part where teardrop screams with the crowd XD

by Warning And B.F.F 6 hours ago

-First eliminated in BFB
-First dead in Among Us

Poor Pencil

by GoldenSponge 5 hours ago

"ships should not exist"

Astronauts: how do we get home?

by MightyGamer 34 6 hours ago

"Ships should not exist"

Shippers: Wait, That's Illegal.

LMAO, Why i have so many likes i swear

by Kat - Among Us 7 hours ago

"Ships should not exist"
Shippers: Spaceships should not exist

by ExposedCreations 11 hours ago

"Ships should not exist"
the whole twitter community /w fireafy shippers are at your front door, eraser...
come on... answer it.. ANSWER THE FNFHDSV DOOR ERASER

by Vstiilique 7 hours ago

1% comments: other

99% comments: SHIPS DONT EXIST

by earl akins 1 hour ago

“A hide scraped off an innocent tellitubby”

by Hannah Kiwi 10 hours ago

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