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Meet My 1 Day Old Kittens!

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Meet my 1 day old kittens! OMG what should we name them all?!
Watch the birth video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeAoc6JkQIY&t=2104s
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Just a tip: KittenLady is a great resource for raising kittens. She deals with orphan kittens, but she's so insightful and has a lot of videos on how to take care of them if you notice anything in regards to their health.

by Marla B 3 months ago

You should totally name the ginger one “Blossom” after Madeleine’s character Cheryl !! So cute!!

by Kristen Hebb 3 months ago

"Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly Cat Smelly Cat, Its not your faaault"

by Capricow the Unicorn 3 months ago

I love how you called the all black one like a panther because my kitten is pretty much all black also and we called him Bagheera like after the panther in the jungle book

by Anouska Cawley 3 months ago

daniels every dad ever “NO . we are not getting a cat!” family surprises dad with one and it’s his new best friend

by Nicole Wilk 3 months ago

You’re so sweet for adopting a pregnant cat and taking care of her kittens, that takes a lot of dedication. 🥰❤️

by Ruby Bee 3 months ago

Joey kittens need warmth, and need to stay close to their mothers. You should talk to the youtuber Kitten Lady. She works with kittens all the time, and knows alot about taking care of them.

by Taco Bell 3 months ago

You should each name them a type of flower in japanese, because ”Sakura" means cherry blossom in japanese.

by Umi Ishimine 3 months ago

You shouldn't touch them so much. Just let them be. Only touch them to weigh them to see if they are gaining weight. Kittens do not need human help if they are with their mom. Also, they have to be with Sakura for 3 months minimum. Please just read about proper care for cats and kittens, so they can have the best life possible.

by PEACE Stokrotka 3 months ago

You should collab with Kitten Lady. She is used to handling kittens and cats in general like when all the stuff is over she will teach u how to take them healthy

by Drawing time! 3 months ago

Joey in 6 months:
"Meet my 1 day old rats"

by ZZZ WOLF 3 months ago

Did we just hear DANIEL say "I want that one" or are my ears playing tricks on me?! 😱😱 OMG OMG OMG
p.s. all my cats woke up at the sound of crying kittens and one came on the laptop to investigate, this was hard to watch 😅

by Christiana 3 months ago

A few months from now:
Joey: I adopt a cute tiny hamster. Hamster, why are you so tiny, why are you so cute......

by Melinda Hong 3 months ago

I love how Daniel pretends he doesn’t like cats only days ago and now he’s saying “awwww I want this one” x

by Sophie 3 months ago

Here’s some name suggestions! Cosmos, Artemis, Hibiscus, Aztec, or Alstromeria. Like so Joey will see!

by HorseGirl Forever 3 months ago

Probably better to name them when they're about three weeks old when they have more character about them

by sarah holt 3 months ago

When you’re allergic to cats the more you’re around them the more your body gets used to it

by Arleny E 3 months ago

be careful when holding the babies, when kittens have the smell of different people, the mothers may abandon them because they think the babies aren't theirs. some times the mothers even end up killing the babies because of it. if that happens dont blame sakura and give her away like what happened with shadow :(

by anya oakley 3 months ago

I don’t know if you seen this yet in other comments but it’s important to know that the best thing you can feed her is wet and dry KITTEN food mixed together.

by craziecarrie9 3 months ago

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