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6.1M 👀

NiziU 『Make you happy』 M/V

JYP Entertainment photo 1 NiziU  『Make you happy』... JYP Entertainment photo 2 NiziU  『Make you happy』... JYP Entertainment photo 3 NiziU  『Make you happy』... JYP Entertainment photo 4 NiziU  『Make you happy』...

I’m I the only one that thinks this looks like Twice’s “likey” M/V?

by Hehet Yeosang 1 months ago

Their debut is in November!!!Let's make it 100M before that!!!!!

by Atsuko Yuri 3 days ago

JP ver 83.7M
KR ver 16.4M
The total is 100.1M ✨

by S K 1 days ago

"Tell me LIKE OOH AAH"
and the dance moves

by first name last name 1 days ago

My god JYPE is going to make BIG BUCKS with this group... probably the fastest/only pre-debut MV to hit freaking 100mil views in less than 2 months omg this is insane...

by Gionemadness 3 days ago

J.Y. Park himself explained that the group name “NiziU” also included the meaning of “Need You”, “You can never succeed alone, you need each other and the fans.“ this is so cute and lovely🥺❤

by Abrar Taj 1 months ago

Amé esta canción desde la última misión de Nizi Project, mis niñas, lo están logrando !!! besos mi Nina preciosa

by El wey del Moschin0 2 days ago

Mayuka raps like Eminem (like if you are agree)

by Ala 3 days ago

Miihi is so cute but i rather love her face without makeup...

by えりERI 13 hours ago

That little “JYP” whisper at the end surprised me😅

by Lee Know 1 months ago

Twice Song LookLike but It's Upgrade...... Rapping So WOW

by Western Gank 9 hours ago

I stand this Japanese Group.
Who's with me?
Hit like button if you stand this Group too

by Dio Brando 3 days ago

박진영이 하도 자랑하길래 니쥬가 뭔가 하고 들어와봤더니 확실히 잘하네 트와이스 초기필? 상큼하네

by Shaq MDE 1 days ago


by B Bear 15 hours ago

As a JYPNATION stan, I'm going to support and love them the way I love all of the artists under JYPE.

by Pretchie Rhoan Legada 1 months ago



by aoi t 2 days ago

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