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Down With the SICK

#Film & Animation
Winter Wear: https://bit.ly/36ovF6k
I dun got sick and no one knew what it was. So have a filler toon until the real video comes out! YEAH! LOVE YOU!
#LetMeExplainStudios #Sick #BlizzardBeach #RebeccaParham #animation #cartoon #DisneyWorld #Disney #NewYork #animated #winter

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Sickness - Exists
Random sick accent - Itโ€™s showtime

by Sethica 4 days ago

Ah yes, the five Hogwarts Houses:
L e T m E e X p L a I n S t U d I o S

by Nijel Dubuisson 1 day ago

Rebbeca: โ€œYoU FrEaKiNg aDOrAbLe ExPLaiNeR BaBiEsโ€
Me: Yes we are your children now!

by Lemon boi 2 days ago

Rebecca: *vomits on her viewer*
Me: was NOT expecting that
Also donโ€™t tell me you still worked on that merch while sick?

by Noob_ SaibotxX 2 days ago

Masks covering mouth: exists
Rebecca: y e s

by Chezz 1 day ago

Letโ€™s take a moment to appreciate that even while being sick she made a vid for us!

by Nikk 4 days ago

"Hey Rebecca, how sick you be-"

by Madi B 1 day ago

I tried saying, "Is this the bus to blizzard beach?" And it came out british. What?

by Kyona Erin Phwa 1 day ago

her high-quality merch looks like she's in high school.

by Bruh64 1738 2 days ago

"I'm si...."

Me: Covid!!!!!!

"It is not covid"

ME: yeah I knew that.

by Chip andd DALE! 1 day ago

She doesn't even sound like she's sick, she just sounds drunk at constantly varrying levels

by Trent Glasgow 4 days ago

Rebecca: Is this the bus to Blizzard Beach?

Me: No that's next month.

by Ethan Goins 2 days ago

"can you sound drunk sleepy and sick?"

by PhD Flopper 2 days ago

everyone: The floss is stupid and old! LetMeExplainStudios fans: Aw come on just this once let it pass by! Me: LetMeExplainStudios fan

by Kayaking Manatee 1 day ago

I was so worried about Rebecca and her covid test so glad she's okay

by Deshaun's animation 4 days ago

"Hey Rebecca, how sick ya-"


by ThatOneDude 19 hours ago

after she says "is this the bus to Blizzard Beach" she sounds normal again, (like not the sick voice)

by Alex Wu 1 day ago

Absolutely nobody:
Me looking at the winter wear: hOlY qUaCk lOoKiE hErE a RaVeNcLaW-

by Emmaly Giles 2 days ago

my sister doesnt have covid but is sick, its really nerve-racking for her, i can imagine your stress, thank you for making this video for us and letting us know about the merch that im going to not stop asking my mom to get. i really really hope you feel better soon <3 <3

by Lucy Morris 1 day ago

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