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[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)

#마리아 뮤비 #María #MAMAMOO #마리아 뮤직비디오 #Music
[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)
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#마리아 #화사 마리아 #Maria #화사 #Hwa Sa #HWASA #마마무 #Maria MV

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Shut up everyone, the QUEEN is singing.

by yannn fiyaaa 1 month ago

How could someone hate this talented artist, just because she didn't fit in the korean beauty standard, doesn't mean that she is ugly, she is just have unique beauty and also look how talented she is. She is just so perfect. It's foolish of them to hate a perfect idol like her.

by Christina s 6 days ago

she is not fat, ugly, or whatever gibberish y’all r saying. though, all that seems useless since she literally made a song saying she accepts herself and won’t be bothered with all that.

it’s a win for queen hwasa once again!

by hongjoong tallest 3 days ago

I'm not familiar with kpop and I randomly found this song but let me tell yall.. she's one of the most attractive women I've ever seen, no cap, she screams power

by virgo jzx 1 week ago

Hwasa is my weakness. I mean her album is a fcking masterpiece.

by Annü 1 week ago

to anyone that needs to read this, and to moomoos aswell:
No one is ugly. Everyone, and everything.. they're beautiful in their own ways. We live in a highly judgmental society.
Just because someone isn't your type, does not give you the right to call someone ugly.
It's okay to have opinions, but hating on someone just for their looks... its terrible and being envious of physique is quite.. saddening.
If you just want to spread hate, I suggest you take it out in a healthy way -- a way where no one can get hurt.

And, Humans make mistakes, you do too. It's just that your mistakes aren't being aired out to the world.

the edit was for grammatical mistakes.

by keshiiteru 1 week ago

Again, for people who are calling her racist: Please check every side of the stories you get from unreliable accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and every other social media that you have an account in. Before you judge her, check if those information are true or false. Okay? :) Have a nice day everyone!

by Jane Khal 6 days ago

화사 언니 사실 이 노래 처음 들었을 땐 별 감흥 없었어요 하지만 가사를 천천히 곱씹으며 듣다보니 너무 위로가 되더라고요 저도 사람들이 흔히 말하는 객관적인 예쁨의 기준에 맞지 않는 외모기도 하고 뚱뚱하기도 해서 뭘 하든 과소평가 되면서 욕 많이 먹었어요 근데 정말 언니에게 위로 많이 받아요 노래 때문에 운 적도 처음이고 노래로 위로 받은 것도 처음이라 더 뜻깊은 가수가 되었어요 언제나 놓지않을게 사랑해요 언니 너무 고마워요 저도 가수가 꿈인데 꼭 나중에 볼 수 있었음 좋겠어요 다시 한 번 사랑하고 고마워요 언니❤

뭐 하러 아둥바둥해 이미 아름다운데

by 마춘동 22 hours ago

shut up everyone, the president is singing

by sarah 1 month ago

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by badbye 3 days ago

Imagine hating this queen and not being able to say she doesn't have talent.... Our Queen got all.. Elegancy, visual, vocal and personality!

by Mahuya Chanda 1 week ago


by atiqua maimoona 5 days ago

No offense but I hate it..

When she have to carry the whole kpop industry on her back

by Marool ly 1 month ago

Hwasa best Female Soloist of 2020

by 5 days ago

I feel like this song is for all the girls out there, whose suffering, struggling because of judgemental society

by Zelestaire Donatelli 1 day ago

Every songs she released so far have been so meaningful. Her lyrics are deep and beautiful, but also at the same time easy to understand.

Not anyone can achieve that. Hwasa is one of these rare people.

by this star 6 days ago

María es su nombre católico, y cuando dice "María, te digo esto". Se lo está diciendo a ella misma, osea que se dice cosas a través de la canción y por medio de otro nombre, además cabe recalcar que en Corea, muy pocos saben que ella se llama María

by Mari Trini Soto Sihuincha 1 week ago

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