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Megan Thee Stallion - Girls in the Hood [Lyric Video]

Megan Thee Stallion photo 1 Megan Thee Stallion - Girls... Megan Thee Stallion photo 2 Megan Thee Stallion - Girls... Megan Thee Stallion photo 3 Megan Thee Stallion - Girls... Megan Thee Stallion photo 4 Megan Thee Stallion - Girls...

She's hot and she watches anime plus she's smart as hell and she got mad skills I just can't help but love her

by Sojoya Marshall 1 month ago

The fact that she’s ALSO looking for a Sasuke 👀🥵👌🏽

by Sarah Oliveira 2 weeks ago

Only people who knew Boyz in the hood are worth of liking this

by Isaac :D 44 3 weeks ago

Only people who didn’t search this song up by “I don’t text quick cause I ain’t thirsty” are worthy of liking this

by Blasian Productions 2 weeks ago

Why is nobody talking about how PRETTY she was back in the day (she still is)

by Leah Playz 4 days ago

this whole song can be used as ig captions.

by First last 1 month ago

When she brought sasuke and anime into this i had to like

by Oreo L2 1 week ago

All these black guys coming for her. The self hate is real 🥰

by Dafuq 2 weeks ago

Praying for Meg. I hope she comes back healthier and more bad ass than ever.

by umichgal1 2 weeks ago

I bet 90% of these people don’t know where this was originally from

by Alexis De la Cruz 2 weeks ago

Sorry to all the meg fans but this song has been flooded with us anime fans😭

by MindlessArianne 2 weeks ago

damn the boys got mad triggered by this one

by Jahnavi Raman 2 weeks ago

The fact that she likes anime is soo crazy shes such a queen!

by Izuku Midoriya 18 hours ago

Everyone talkin bout how she mentions sasuke and anime bout she also mentioned nine tales when she said wild fox don’t sleep on kurama

by Fortnite Ark 2 weeks ago

The naruto line SENT ME. This is real queen shit I swear.

by Monet Hulbirt 1 month ago

Like this if Eazy-E was the original

by Logan Ehren 2 weeks ago

Bruh are y’all really getting mad at Megan for sampling a beat? But yet other artist and people who are known are sampling beats and there’s a thing called “freestyle” but hey y’all are all about bashing Megan right?

by Lucky Charms 1 week ago

Everyones talkin bout sasuke but most of people didnt noticed that is disrespectful for eazy e

by Slim Shaggy 18 hours ago

When she said "yes I got a man depends on who's asking" sis me too, me too sis!!!!

by Shanté Ju 18 hours ago

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