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This Test Will Guess What Zodiac Sign You Are - Personality Test | Mister Test

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This personality test will guess what’s zodiac sign you are!!! What do you think? Can it be possible?.
Please let me know your thoughts!.
Thank you for watching!.
Mister Test
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#personalitytest #quizzes #mistertest.
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❗️Please consider that this test main goal is to have fun. It is not based on psychological - intelectual research..
Hello and welcome to Mister Test!.
This channel is all about personality test, love tests, quizzes, trivias and more! .
The ultimate goal is to have fun... but in the meantime we can learn about ourselves, right?.
Enjoy and thank you for stopping by!.

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Do look like your zodiac sign? 😘

by Mister Test 1 year ago

Me: got 18 points
(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

ALSO ME: shock in LIBRA face

by Graysse GV 3 months ago

They didn't get my zodiac signs right I got water signs when I'm actually a Leo :\ but great video!

by { Sara } 4 months ago

I’m a Aries but I got the water sign didn’t work for me :(

by Wombiwoo 2 months ago

Some people: It worked!

Me: gets a air sign but I’m a scorpio

by Bear-Wing 4 months ago

The simplest way to know somebody's zodiac sign is by asking them their birthday....

by abemamiranda 10 months ago

Who else didn’t get their actual zodiac signs, but the zodiac sign what u got in the video, kinda match’s you?-
No one?, okay just me-

by EbonyStarDust 4 weeks ago

A water sign
I'm actually Sagittarius

by Foysal Ahmed 3 months ago

Me: got 20 points!
Your a water sign!
Me who's the most unemotional person in the world

by Naji Zuber 1 week ago

"what are you best known for in your group of friend?"
me who doesn't have friends: the what?

by Edward Guo 2 days ago

Who is either cancer , Scorpio and Pisces? Cause I am!

by A A 10 months ago

Me at the beginning: THEY'RE NOT GONNA GET IT!
Me at the end: bish- HOW!?- (🧠💥) 😌

by stary gxchx 2 months ago

Wrong- i got 26 points and I'm a Sagittarius :((

by Mia Barraza 1 day ago

Q6 pick a colour combo
Me: alright 1st one’s completely yellow not a combo well different shades second one nice blue
3rd yellow blue yellow
4 lime-ish lighter lime-ish and lighter
Are they colour blind?
Freind:no it’s you,surprised you got that icon :/

by pyrogameia 2 weeks ago

I'm actually a Taurus. I got 26 points and it said I'm either a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Great video 😁👍🏾 they just got my zodiac sign wrong tho

by QBREEZZY The Artist 1 month ago

Comment on who got a "This is not my zodiac" reaction

by XxLuna_ MoonXx 5 months ago

😂 😂 It's not working,, but hey, this is just for entertainment right?

by Lo Rena 4 months ago

Results: Gemini, libra or Aquarius

Me: wtf I'm an Aries are you kidding me 🤨🤨🤨

by Trizzah Kaveke 1 month ago

What are you know for in your group of friends?

Me: um idk???

by Mel Chan Gacha 2 weeks ago

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