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Brent Rivera - Brent Rivera
Ben Azelart - Ben Azelart.
Lexi Hensler - Lexi Hensler .
Lexi Rivera - Alexa Rivera.
Jeremy Hutchins: Jeremy Hutchins.
Andrew Davila - Andrew Davila.
Dom Brack - thedombrack
Mason Fulp: MasonFulp.
Logan Wodzynski: LoganWodzynski
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I'm 21 years old
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To connect with more people! To learn from others & be able to share what makes me happy in life!
Music by Joakim Karud http://youtube.com/joakimkarud
Has anyone told that you’re KILLIN the GAME today?? I love u!

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pierson photo 1 LEXI RIVERA, LEXI HENSLER &... pierson photo 2 LEXI RIVERA, LEXI HENSLER &... pierson photo 3 LEXI RIVERA, LEXI HENSLER &... pierson photo 4 LEXI RIVERA, LEXI HENSLER &...

I would love to see if Pierson pranked Brent by saying that she was leaving the squad..I just wanna see Brent's expression !! 😂😂😂😂

Edit : I never had so many likes before ! Pierson, if you're seeing this, please do a video like this !

by Ivy Brooks 1 months ago

I love the fact that Pierson doesn't wear makeup.

by Gillian Kapi 3 weeks ago

Brent: The prankster
Ben: The lonely human
Mason: %100 Human
Allen: The Mr. Steal Yo girl
Alex: the one that has %0 idea what's happening
Dom: The prank helper

Lexi: The Mr.s Payback
Pearson: Mr.s Popular
Lexi H: The fun one
Eva: The unexpected one

by Heidi Grace 1 months ago

Is anyone else wondering how they got Brent’s keys down?😂😂🥺

by Ashleigh Ross 3 weeks ago

I love the fact that they act like the Rivera’s house is there house.😂😂Love y’all

by Gracie Larson 1 weeks ago

Brents house is literally like the hype house for the group LOL

Edit: WAIT do I seriously have that many likes!! OMG tysm!! That is the most I have EVER had!!

by Sarah Swearingen 1 months ago

When Lexi scared Jeremy, Jeremy ran like a baby. But Jeremy is like a giant and Lexi is like a baby compared to him. It's so hilarious

by Rocky Chen 3 weeks ago

Pierson: Yeah but like a good different right?
Dom: Yeah yeah for sure
hes too nice lol

by Ivana kusi 1 months ago

“I got a little carried away.” 🤣🤣🤣

by hailey carolina 1 months ago

I thought that peirson would let the keys go outside.

by Vicki Kerby 3 weeks ago

To: The Random Person who is Scrolling Through the comments

I want you to know that, whoever you are, you are beautiful. Although sometimes you feel unmotivated and as if you can't do much in life, you need to know that you CAN. There is a life after this one and don't live this life like it has no use. You are important. You are amazing. You always have people who admire you and love you, although they may not say it.

XOXO, A Random Neighborhood Hug-dealer :3

by Revealing peoples Secrets 1 months ago

Pierson: All right dad your good
The YouTube translation: All right dad your gay


by Gamin_ Karin 1 weeks ago

Pierson: what is Brent's most prized possession?
Lexi H: probably his car
Me: No! No! No! It's his YT channel!

by Sophie Cooley 1 months ago

Pierson is like the only one who doesn’t start the video in Brents living room 😂♥️

by MyLittleJenny 14 1 months ago

Pierson looks like a giant Infront of the two lexis

by Salil Garg 1 months ago

We have a couple options looks up actually I don’t think we have any -Mason

by Sara Katherine 1 months ago

Lexi Hensler: Hes that scared of Lexi she's five foot

by Leilani Pleasant 1 months ago

no one:
nobody at all:

dom: sitting in the back seat living out his dream

by stwabewwyyy 1 months ago

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