3 months ago
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Shordie Shordie - Fucc Friends (Official Video)

Shordie Shordie photo 1 Shordie Shordie - Fucc Friends... Shordie Shordie photo 2 Shordie Shordie - Fucc Friends... Shordie Shordie photo 3 Shordie Shordie - Fucc Friends... Shordie Shordie photo 4 Shordie Shordie - Fucc Friends...

shordie shordie is most underrated artist no cap. hes vibe and voice is just on another level

holy fuck almost 1k likes

by din pon 3 months ago

Whoever likes this will be rich and successful💯

by Driq G 3 months ago

He being hitting different when u faded

by Goon Mob 3 months ago

Fun fact: Your not watching in full screen

by FearleSs WRLD 3 months ago

When Shordie Shordie’s nose said “O O” I felt that

by CAPALOT 4K 3 months ago

shordie wears those glasses so he can look at the booty and not get caught

by YungZæ 3 months ago

yo why mans dissing the TV show? what they ever do to him?

by Sprkzy Ninja 3 months ago

I swear to god imma like this comment

by Cruel Escape 3 months ago

Shordie shordie & ynw melly needa do a track together

by Anthony Elliott 3 months ago

If you don’t like your barber we’ll mess you hair up !!!

by Spirit Prxey 3 months ago

Who else’s waiting for this to get old but just keeps on smackin OnG🚫🧢

by Jordan Wallwork 1 months ago

This quarantine got me feeling this song 10x more 😂😂😂😂😂😂💯 04/04/20

by Deerricka White.459 3 months ago

His song is so fire I just hope tik tok doesn’t ruin it

by Kaiokn 3 months ago

This is the only dude who can understand cartinese

by hyped 2 months ago

This man is a whole vibe and people be sleep on him

by Victoria Perez 3 months ago

I love how the font at the beginning is “Friends” font 👌

by oxy 3 months ago

Shordie shordie look like a uncle who give life advice lmaoooo

by PaintBoi_Nyhiem 3 months ago

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