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Taylor Swift - the 1 (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “the 1” – off her album ‘folklore.’.
Album available here: https://store.taylorswift.com.
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This isn't Taylor being sad, this is Taylor finally being herself.

by David Koini 1 weeks ago

“how small do you want the letters?” Taylor: YES!!

by wnnalis cioov 3 days ago

“Taylor Swift only has American fans”

Like if you’re from Mars

by Farhana Khan 3 days ago

The whole album is dedicated as if you’re sipping a hot coffee during winter season

by mdlynn J 1 weeks ago

She wrote this in 5-6 months...she’s carrying the music industry.

by Kaitlin 1 days ago

She's got a point, she's an icon, she's a legend and she is the moment.

by This Random Person 5 days ago

This song will age like a fine wine.

by Ches Velasco 6 days ago


TAYLOR: Here have my whole album

by Ali Hassan 1 weeks ago

Dear stranger whoever reads this:
Hope you and your family are safe and well 💙💙💙

by MedSou 2 days ago

With "Cardigan" at No. 1 and "The 1" at No. 4, Swift is the first woman, and third act overall, to debut two songs in the Hot 100's top five simultaneously and the FIRST artist to debut two songs in the Hot 100's top four spots simultaneously. ~Billboard.

by Fernando Garcia 18 hours ago

i love that she named this "the 1" when it's the perfect song for your ex. like a very sweet ode to exes. what a great love letter to a past love. it's not angry, mad or plain bitter. well, you can only write this when you've already met "the 1"

by Lei De Guzman 4 days ago

Selena Gomez: You might not be the one, but you look like fun🎶
Taylor Swift: But it would've been fun, if you would've been the one🎶

by shai 2 days ago

This song hits different when you and your significant other are breaking up simply because it’s the wrong time in each of your lives.

by Courtney Tafoya 6 days ago

Taylor Swift is the only female artist to have seven albums each sell at least 500,000 copies in a single week (Fearless, Speak Now, RED, 1989, reputation, Lover and Folklore).
Folklore stands out as the No. 1 album in the world with global sales over two million worldwide and over half a billion total streams on audio and video in just one week. It has reached No. 1 on iTunes in more than 85 countries. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 ~The Music Universe

by Fernando Garcia 3 days ago

"How small do you want the letters to be?"
"As small as the pennies in the pool :))"

by Erudite Witch Everdeen 2 days ago

"roaring twenties" and "the greatest loves of all time are over now" reminds me of Great Gatsby

by Ankita Gandhi 1 weeks ago

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