drew kicks off her first show with charlie s angels sisters camero

the-drew-barrymore-show photo 1 drew kicks off her first... the-drew-barrymore-show photo 2 drew kicks off her first... the-drew-barrymore-show photo 3 drew kicks off her first... the-drew-barrymore-show photo 4 drew kicks off her first...

Lucy showing up like she just stepped off the set of Charlie's Angels. Ageless Queen.

by backto1960 1 day ago

This just made my 2020 a brighter place. Huge fan of these movies and Thank you for this ๐Ÿ’•

by Garrett Watts 23 hours ago

I still don't understand how Charlie's Angels 3 didn't happen. :"("""

by Alvarez Alvarez 1 day ago

Use this comment as a WE WANT A CHARLIE'S ANGELS REBOOT with the original cast button

by Elias J. 1 day ago

Lucy Liu
With my girl, Drew
Cameron D and Destiny
Charlie's Angels, come on

by Thalia Tran 1 day ago

i knew the show was going to be using some new technology for interviews but HOLY CRAP besides with a few close-ups i would never figured out Cameron wasn't on set!!! The team responsible for this definitely deserve an award

by residentevil4life 1 day ago

That level of editing and smoothness, their team have to win the Outstanding motion design. I mean, come on!!!

by Priscilia Mellark 1 day ago

Please, just make another movie together. I don't care if it's charlie's angels, whatever. Just make something amazing together again, please.

by Ana Victoria 1 day ago

I would DIE for another Charlieโ€™s Angels with these three undisputed queens ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

by Lars Ludvigsen 1 day ago

Lucy has clearly been living cryogenically frozen since they filmed Charlieโ€™s Angels.

by Natalia Alfonso 1 day ago

I am absolutely fan girling right now OMG Charlie's Angels are back together!!

by star18prince 1 day ago

I saw the First Episode of Drew Barrymore show this morning!!..It was a totally Awesome show!!..Great Job Drew!! โค

by Horrorfan Dad 1 day ago

The three best Angels ever. Your friendship is beautiful.

by wanda ruiz 1 day ago

Perfect Angel's reunion AND Drew's first guests on the show!!! All the ladies look FANTASTIC!

by Lisa Chucka 1 day ago

YASSSS. Drew, Lucy and Cameron had amazing chemistry in those two Charlie's Angels films, still bummed we didn't get a third.

by SpencerLevey 1 day ago

The world needs a Charlieโ€™s Angels sequel with these three right now

by mm369 1 day ago

I would so be here for another Charlie's Angel's with the three of them!

by Lee Rhapsody 1 day ago

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