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Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam Newton Signing With The Patriots

The Pat McAfee Show photo 1 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam... The Pat McAfee Show photo 2 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam... The Pat McAfee Show photo 3 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam... The Pat McAfee Show photo 4 Pat McAfee Reacts To Cam...

The patriots injured his foot so they could sign him next season.... smart

by Franklin Aiken 1 months ago

Cam Newton got hurt against NE, those dark lords had this planned all along.

by Jonathan King 1 months ago

Other teams shouldโ€™ve just signed cam to keep him from the pats

by Julia Red 4 weeks ago

The dude with the Pats jersey is hilarious. Literally me yesterday

by Its2EC 1 months ago

This doesnโ€™t effect how I feel about this incoming season, Iโ€™m a jets fan. I never have hope ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ one day we will, one day

by Noot 1 months ago

Bill Belichick - "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen."

by mbbell23 1 months ago

"cam newton has a giant pringles can..."
*spits up cereal

by pe slice 1 months ago

Cam finally gets an organization that isnโ€™t a mess.

by Silver Fitness 4 weeks ago

Cam won MVP for the 2015 season, or as Pat puts it, โ€œtwo years ago.โ€

by Scott Murphy 1 months ago

AJ McCarron is making more than Cam Newton, & Ryan Tannehill is making $118million. What a time

by MrFlyersfan28 1 months ago

So Dr. Disrespect left twitch to go to the mcafee show??? ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Simian Stareyes 1 months ago

I want to become a scientist and find a cure for Covid just to make sure this season is gonna be played, this season could be amazing.

by Lee Deplace 4 weeks ago

The bad teams didnt sign him because they are bad teams

by Dallas Quinley 1 months ago

Iโ€™m a dolphins fan and I nought this was the year, that the pats suck, Iโ€™m so sad.

by Joe Marinaro 1 months ago

I feel like as I was younger I hated the patriots for always winning but now that Iโ€™m getting older I really appreciate how they changed football

by C N 4 weeks ago

Me two months ago: Cam's done.

Me now:

by Brian Bairos 1 months ago

I feel like Nkeal Harry can reach his potential now honestly coming from a pats fan

by Trap Swagg 1 months ago

It just doesnโ€™t feel right with the Pats having a QB that can run, or strafe, or jump, or move.

by Tyler Brackman 4 weeks ago

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