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Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

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Eugene reads the stars to filth in the most brutally honest ranking of the twelve zodiac signs on the Internet. How would you rank the astrological signs? #RankKing
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The Try Guys photo 1 Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign... The Try Guys photo 2 Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign... The Try Guys photo 3 Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign... The Try Guys photo 4 Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign...

Welcome to another episode of "where the quarantine has led me today"

by Flynn Carter 2 months ago

Eugene: Capricorns really won't care how I rank them.

Me scrolling through the comments: not a single Capricorn is complaining

by Lucy Bear 3 weeks ago

Me: a Leo
Eugene: Leo's are probably going to be so mad that they're not first
me: oh I'm not mad that I'm not first in fact I thought I'd be dead last I'm just mad at the fact that you thought I'd be mad but you're right I'm wrong so I'll shut up

by Sammy's Sketch 2 weeks ago

Gemini: “Great friends, Terrible lovers”
Keith and Ned: Geminis who both have wives

by Polvr V1si0n 2 weeks ago

“Aquarius they will take over world”. Me being an Aquarius: can't even tell my mom that I'm not feeling well

by Sophia Lovesyoutube 3 weeks ago

“Leo’s will be offended because they thought they’d be number one”

Me: cries because I’m not number one

by Anna Gray 7 months ago

Ik Leos get hate but like Barack Obama, Shawn Mendez, And Madonna, are Leo’s so like sit down

by Theo Greene 2 weeks ago

“ So cancers can be this adorable crab eating a Cherry “. ⁣
Me a cancer: eats Cherry to become more adorable.

by 0_0stardust Al 3 weeks ago

Then saying Aquarius are delusional. Me being an Aquarius: “ bro they not wrong I thought I saw a bird in my room...it was a book”

by Luna gEn 2 weeks ago

“I don’t like Aquarians because they might take over earth”

Me, an Aquarius: *cant even convince my mom to buy me ice cream*

by Hot_ Cheetoes 6 months ago

Eugene: I haven't kept a lot of sagittarius friends.
Me: you mean we didn't keep you.

by elizabeth carreno 3 weeks ago

Top 10 Zodiac signs that’s I hate

10. You
9. Shouldn’t
8. Hate
7. Any
6. Zodiac
5. Sign
4. Everyone
3. Is
2. Different
1. Aries

by Forever Why Don’t We 2 weeks ago

"Aquarius's are alien's"

me being a Aquarius - realizing that my whole life is a lie.

by Calum Tod 3 weeks ago

Eugene - knock knock
person - whos there?
Eugene - death
me as Capricorn - laughs great joke. Thanks to everybody who was scrolling down the comments and saw this 🙂

by Different_Doody 3 weeks ago

“They’re heads are shaped like light balls” Me as an Aquarius: honestly not wrong

by Popsiclestars ROBLOX YT 2 weeks ago

Me, a libra: liking attentions and very competitive
My sister, a leo: really shy and introverted

I think something is wrong lol

by Emma Rose Magnifico 3 weeks ago

"Leos will probably be disappointed because they're not first"
Me, a Leo: crying at my screen because Eugene doesn't like meeeeee

by zaafirah xoxo 2 weeks ago

“Leo’s will be angry that we didn’t get them number 1”

Me: I’m not angry if u put me last,I am mad u didn’t say anything good bout me :D

Also me:*laughs in leo*

by XxAvocado•teaxX 2 weeks ago

Virgos - "I'm right. You're wrong. Someone needs to shut up."

Me a Virgo - Yes.

by Con B 1 month ago

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