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DOODY IN MY BOOTY - Vlog - September 16, 2016

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Thank you, so much, for watching! I really do appreciate it!
Xoxo - Traci
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MoMo playing with the bean babies..... Too adorable! โค๏ธ

by Betsy Wetsy 4 years ago

Wow, I love your gift package, so jealous. lol

by Rose 4 years ago

Love the cat coin purse! Wonder how the kitties react if you show it to them...do they care? lol

by 2blueyez1 4 years ago

I love your fur babies. A guitar playing skeleton ~ LOL That made me laugh so hard (yeah I know ~ weird). Yumminess on the yogurt/granola combo. So very nice of your friend to send the birthday goodies. Enjoyed your video Traci. Take care and have a peaceful weekend.
~ Sis Lynn

by Over50andFantabulous 4 years ago

OH my gosh Traci....it amazes me how your fur babies come to the closet when it's closet time. They're so sweet.

by Pamela Newman 4 years ago

Mono loves her baby brothers and sisters ๐Ÿ˜ป

by Patti 4 years ago

This was so hilarious with MoMo playing with the beans and it looked like she was going to attack LoLa with a bear hug! I was surprised to see MoMo outside! ๐Ÿ’—

by Loven Bkind 4 years ago

You can use a spray bottle to water the beans ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

by Laura Latham 4 years ago

Very sweet friend mail. The handmade kitty is precious! Wish we had some cooler weather here in the south, it's still over 90 everyday til October. Can't wait for the cooler weather. Awesome video Traci! โค๏ธ

by Betsy Wetsy 4 years ago

I love to eat in my bedroom and watch Youtube!!!!!

by Kathy Germack 4 years ago

The bracelets are so cute. I wonder what makes those jumping beans jump? I'd love that weather....๐Ÿ’•โœŒ๐Ÿป๏ธ

by Tidbits Of My Life 4 years ago

I have taken the Colon Health for about two years. It definitely reduces the "gas" issue!

by Andrea OBrien 4 years ago

he poor babies being bashed around by big sis lol thanks for sharing

by Lynda Tidman 4 years ago


by Lili Pena 4 years ago

MoMo likes to play with her brothers and sisters! Lol!

by Laurie Poole 4 years ago

Ohhh I love the mulled apple cider wax melts... Those things smell my whole neighborhood up..lol will check those out that you showed!!

by Allthings Pink 4 years ago

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