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Do These Color Illusions Trick Your Eyes?

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Do these color illusions hurt your brain? Comment your favorite trick below!
A big thanks to Canon for sponsoring these illusions with their Canon PIXMA Printers - https://Canon.us/ZachKing
Sunset Birds and Traffic Lights illusions inspired by Dr. Akiyoshi Kataoka's work.
Check out his many fascinating illusions on his Twitter page: https://twitter.com/AkiyoshiKitaoka
Website: http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/~akitaoka/index-e.html.
Special thanks to Jessica Strick, Lead Exhibit Developer at the Exploratorium - https://www.exploratorium.edu/
Watch Furniture Illusions (this video might really trick your eyes) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHJ3CMWnVxY
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Zach King photo 1 Do These Color Illusions Trick... Zach King photo 2 Do These Color Illusions Trick... Zach King photo 3 Do These Color Illusions Trick... Zach King photo 4 Do These Color Illusions Trick...

We put so much love into this video, I hope you enjoy it! LIKE the video if you are here before the premiere!

by Zach King 1 months ago

Guy: โ€œOk, try not to blink or look away.โ€
My eyes at that exact moment: d e h y d r a t e

by Allison Koester 1 months ago

Now I understand meaning of the phrase: โ€œCanโ€™t believe my eyesโ€

by Draw Draw 3 weeks ago

Me: No, because you are standing right in front of it in the thumbnail.

by Amogh Bajpai 3 weeks ago

Thumbnail: do you see three birds?
Me after watching video: no because youโ€™re in the way. Lol

by PikaRules 2 days ago

For the yellow duck part i continued seeing yellow for 2 minutes everywhere

by Abigail Jones 2 weeks ago

Zach: โ€œDo you see three birds?โ€ Me: aRE yOu cAlliNg yOurseLf a biRd?

by ColiCritter256 1 months ago

โ€œWait its all maple?โ€

Zach: Always has been

by Luke Alay 12 hours ago

Mind blowing. Wow. That's impossible I thought, however, That is possible

by Leonard Dodger 17 hours ago

Lmao โ€œstare at the centre try not to blink and donโ€™t be distracted. Iโ€™m going to count down from 5, 5-โ€œ Gets an ad.

by Just some guy with a beard 4 weeks ago

Zach: Do you see 3 birds
Me: (thinking): I guess it's on your back
Zach: See the 3rd bird's here!
Me: See! I told and thought of it.(haha Zach).

by Basabraj Gupta 2 days ago

Everyone: no you cant use magic for your problems and fun

Zach: haha magig go wooooo

by strike ye 2 weeks ago

When he said "don't look away," my phone gave me a "15% battery" popup message. Also, the "painting" scared me.

by Olivia Touba 3 weeks ago

Did anyone else still see the ducks after

by Zyhiir Davis 1 days ago

putting that third bird there and saying "can you see it?" is like putting black text on a black background and saying "can you see it?"

by Aidensan 4 weeks ago

Does anyone else love the feeling of almost breaking your brain

by Von Nook 1 months ago

the ducks were disappearing for me after a while

by VYVE 3 days ago

โ€œMy great-grandfather passed.... on a painting,โ€ ๐Ÿ’€

by KnuckleMyBuckle 3 weeks ago

Me color blind : I donโ€™t see any of the birds...

by RealmNate 2.0 13 hours ago

The guy who read this comments may God protect his or her family from CoronaVires

by Mrbeast Fans 54 seconds ago

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