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Make This Steph Curry Game WINNER , I'll Buy You This Rare Jersey !!

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SUBSCRIBE IF YOU SEE THIS!! In this video I gave the guys a chance to recreate some of Steph Curry's best game winning, clutch and buzzer beating shots for a chance at winning a super rare jersey of his!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwvvgM517sc --- Guess That 2K21 Rating
https://youtu.be/6hZn_2q1rRc --- Guess That NBA Throwback Jersey
https://youtu.be/H18dWFMFqH8 --- Make The Shot, Eat The Plate
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ZackTTG photo 1 Make This Steph Curry Game... ZackTTG photo 2 Make This Steph Curry Game... ZackTTG photo 3 Make This Steph Curry Game... ZackTTG photo 4 Make This Steph Curry Game...

Welcome to 2hype Mitchell. Well deserved

by Matt Gilbert 5 hours ago

I know Jeidel gonna be fire in this. That Master Class has his game on fire these days! He's on that Steph Curry teaching shit!

by W Snow 5 hours ago

Look at Curry man so inspirational and doing good things in the world

by ItsYaboiTrevor 5 hours ago

Everyone: early
Bots: it’s free real estate

by Robloxia Codes 5 hours ago

Dam I glad this series’s is back finally, but it kinda doesn’t feel right if it’s not on the seat geek court. Btw why the hell is mopi on the thumbnail we all he ain’t gonna win.

by Denise Herrera 5 hours ago

Title: Game Winner

The 3rd shot: end of 3rd quarter buzzer beater

by Evan Phillips 5 hours ago

I’m I the only one who realizes that the some “buzzer beaters” aren’t synced to the actual shot??

by Legend27 4 hours ago

When the video first started I’m like why moochie wearing a ref shirt hahaha.

by Zay Pfitzer 5 hours ago

James took Steph's master class. So he has made his master proud!

by Hemang Verma 4 hours ago

I predict JIEDEL to win since he been training 💯

by STLMADEDJAY 5 hours ago

James was lokey taking the easiest shots lol

by Archer Smith 4 hours ago

Aren’t we glad to have Mitchell in 2hype 😂 😂

by Caleb Thatcher 4 hours ago

bruh the first shot jesse took some time to get his position thats how he made it hes always a cheater who tries to be the best and cheats still one of my favs tho

by mr guy hi 31 minutes ago

everyone realizes that James step inside the line right? That can’t count. Gotta go to the replays

by Denise Herrera 4 hours ago

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